Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pancakes + Paper hearts - a Parachute

Just got home from traveling with a band for a story. Worn out. Sick. And somewhat melancholy.

Although I headed back to Nashville halfway through the tour, the boys from Parachute Musical took a little piece of my heart and drove it on to Florida. I just loved seeing them go after a dream -- working hard, playing hard, and making beautiful kickass music.

But since this is technically a food blog, I shall stay focused.

PM played two shows on the tour with Allison Weiss. Loved her...and check out these pancakes!!

(She shot the photo at an IHOP with a polaroid.)

And for making pancakes with paper hearts, here's one of her charming videos...

Gotta say the guys in PM had a few culinary episodes of their own though. One night we crashed at a gigantic church with commercial kitchen that was perfect for 3 a.m. snacking...

As for pancakes, I'm headed to a vegan brunch on Sunday (because I'm taking a month-long vegan challenge...more in this Tennessean article).

I've decided to make Moby's version of vegan pancakes with bananas. I'll wrap them around tofu sausage and place them in a casserole pan like enchiladas. Then I'll drizzle them with honey, sprinkle with nuts and top with whipped coconut milk. Could be interesting -- both the dish and the project.

Until then, though, I'll nurse my bum spirits by mowing through this block of Gruyere. Nom, nom.

Blogger note (posted 8/28): I just realized that honey isn't vegan! I'll need to use agave nectar instead. Bees are animals, too, yo. Or...something like that.

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