Friday, August 7, 2009

Cliques and cupcakes

Does this cupcake remind you of Molly Ringwald?

I ate it today in my own little John Hughes memorial. RIP.

Of all his movies, Pretty in Pink is my favorite. I watched it so many times in my family's living room that I think my dad wanted to beat the daylights out of every member of The Psychedelic Furs.

I love that Molly Ringwald's character came from the wrong side of the tracks with her beat-up Karmann Ghia (my dream car to date) and her DIY prom dress. But I most wanted to be Annie Potts' character Iona, the wacky record store owner who seemed wiser and older (She was probably in her 30s...ancient hag.) I love when she finishes stapling LPs to the ceiling and says:

"Applause, applause, applause."

Then of course there's the fabulous scene below. In his initial screenplay, John Hughes had Andie get with Duckie, but Hollywood made him change it sparking debate about social classes. Hughes was right. Duckie was way cooler than that rich guy any day.

Cupcake called "The Princess" from Gigi's with strawberry cake and cream cheese icing.


Caroline said...

My friend and I watched PiP last night!! Also, as you know, a karmann ghia is MY favorite car as well...I think my friend got tired of me saying, "there's my carrrrrrrrr!"

AND, I wanted to work at Trax SO BADDD!! I love the phone and her stapler for some reason hahhaah =)

PS: I have had that's pretty darn good. Let's call it Claire.

Jennifer Justus said...

I say we call it Caroline:)

ashley07 said...

JJ- moving forward I will refer to you as Iona. I can totally see it. I loved that movie.

angie said...

John Hughes' death hit me so hard! MJ was like, huh, wow, significant. But John Hughes???? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

angie said...

AND!!! anyone that put the Rave Ups in a movie will always have my heart!!

Amy said...

I too loved the karmann ghia and adored all John Hughes movies, I wanted to be his muse just like least I get to have red hair, although never as cool as hers!