Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cherries, almost gone!

Maybe I should have invested in a cherry pitter.

Regardless my cherry extravaganza rolls on!

I pickled cherries a few nights ago and would love to tell you how they taste. But...they shall sit quietly in the cinnamon-bay leaf-vinegar concoction for at least two weeks. Then, I’ll enjoy them with cheeses and nuts and maybe pot-au-feu (as the French apparently do)?

I can say, though, that the cherry-basil gazpacho recipe here was a massive hit. I took it to a vegetarian potluck after a yoga class. The Tabasco is key – it adds spunk and bridges the gap between the sweet of the cherries and fresh clean taste of cucumber and red/yellow peppers.

Michele from Cleveland, Ohio demonstrates a bite.

Michele teaches Jivamukti yoga, and she’s touring with Brandon (above) who plays live on bongos/guitar/etc during their class. They told great stories about their tour including a crazy night in Floyd, Virgina with a meditation teacher named Pierre. Find their blog here.

Last night I made these little jewels.

Tea cakes made with ground almonds, enough sugar to cause a cavity, and a slosh of cherry brandy.

They're like miniature muffins for adults, but the best part is their interactivity. With a pit and a juicy cherry tucked inside, you have to pay attention while eating (as not to crack a tooth or splatter a blouse), so you’re tuned in to every bite.

Tonight I’m making a spicy cherry jam, and finally (the piece de resistance!) Cherry-Lime Cobbler with Vanilla Creme Fraiche Biscuits.

As a Southerner, I have far too little experience with biscuits. We’ll see how it goes.

(Watch this. It will enhance your day, I promise.)

Davey Dance Blog -33- MINNEAPOLIS - Spoon - "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb" from Pheasant Plucker on Vimeo.

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