Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ba Da Bings


I just bought an entire case of cherries.

Eighteen pounds of shiny little orbs with flesh so dark they could stain a glass of Cabernet. Oh the projects!

Whole Foods has them for $32 a box (a 22-dollar savings!), but I might have been the first to fall for the "SUMMER MADNESS" cherry sale. When I hauled my case to check-out it caused a slight ruckus involving a manager, a calculator and math (horror). 

With problem solved I carried on with hipster check-out dude thusly...

Check-out dude: (bored/disgusted) That's a lot of cherries. 

Me: Yeah!

Check-out dude: What are you gonna do with 'em? 

Me: Make pies, make jams, put them in salads, soak them in brandy...(I go on. He stops listening.)...

Get excited, friends. There's probably a pie in your future. Woot!

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