Thursday, October 30, 2008

Say Cheez(-It)

Overheard last night at a vegetarian wine dinner at Marche Artisan Foods in East adorably vivacious woman with white hair speaking to her dinner companion...

Woman: J was playing football with his pee-wee team and he was the smallest guy out there. But after the game, he went home with his mom and said, "At least I can eat Cheez-Its and practice my yoga in peace!"

Bless his little heart. 

As for the food, I figure I have two choices: Write about Cheez-Its or write about the dinner at Marche where I heard this little nugget of life. 


I suppose I'll leave the Cheez-Its to your memories (because I KNOW you've got 'em) and just offer a taste of dinner - Delicata Squash Cannelloni with Pecan Brown Butter and Fried Sage. 

"That brown butter is rrrriiiich," said the white-haired woman next to me. And then her shoulders shuddered like an Aretha Franklin backup singer. 

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