Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Freak show

Fresh off the Titans' big win against the Colts last night, Jevon "The Freak" Kearse perhaps craved a nasty bite when he rolled into The Cheesecake Factory tonight. At the bar with his dinner companion, he settled in for a mojito-looking cocktail in a tall glass with lots of sprigy mint along with a mound of pasta with an unidentified meat-like substance on top. When the server dropped by to offer him some fresh-grated Parmesan, he didn't stop her after a couple cranks.

"I thought I'd break out in a sweat on that one," she said, when she finally stepped away from his plate. 

The interesting part -- for me, anyway -- is that I wrote a story recently comparing the diet of a pro football player (Kyle Vanden Bosch, Kearse's defensive companion) with a pro cheerleader. The difference in calories for a day? About 1,600. But still, as I note in the story among the egg whites and grilled chicken, Vanden Bosch is no Michael Phelps

I learned from one of the Titans coaches that many pro players show up for the big leagues with virtually no knowledge of how to cook and eat for themselves after being catered for during the first 20 or so years of their lives. Kearse, the coach told me, had a personal chef at his home (hired by the Titans) during his early years to help him learn how to eat properly. When the chef reported back with the sole contents of Kearse's kitchen, he said he found nothing more than Kool-Aid and powdered doughnuts.

No doughtnuts for Kearse tonight though! He finished dinner and drove away in a Mercedes S600 with fat shiny rims doing a little seat-dancing behind the wheel. But hey. The hometown team is 7-0. Knock yourself out, dude. 

Go Titans. 

Listening to: Le Freak by Chic. 

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