Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One sip at a time

This post is about not eating (or chewing, at least).

I've been feeling sluggish and blah lately, and I've had a big decision to contemplate. So on the advice of one of the photographers at work, I gave up solid food on Monday for a few days of meditation and juice.

My photographer friend is a nicer person than I, because while I initially thought about fasting for clarity on my own issue, he fasts when he wants to give energy and prayers to someone else. I've been trying to follow his lead and send out lots of love as well. I hope you can feel it.

Also this week, I've been watching a 1988 PBS series about Joseph Campbell and the Power of the Myth.

"If a person does not listen to the demands of his own spiritual and heart life and insists on a certain program...You're gonna have a schitzo crackup." -Joseph Campbell
"I think it's important to live life with a knowledge of its mystery, and of your own mystery. It gives life a new zest, a new balance, a new harmony to do this." -Joseph Campbell
"In saving yourself, you save the world. The vital person vitalizes...Find your own life and be alive." -Joseph Campbell

Favorite sweet-spicy juice blend:


Combine in quantities to your liking, but hit it hard with ginger for lots of sass.


Anonymous said...

I love that third quote. So true. You have to take care of yourself first before you can help others. Hang in there and good luck on the decision. I'm sending prayers your way!

CaRoLiNe said...

Eat, Pray, your own hero. You'll thank yourself later.....