Monday, February 22, 2010

Day Two: The Furlough and a Fork World Tour

Country: Mexico(ish)

We went to Las Maracas in East Nashville last night. It’s one of my favorite neighborhood hangouts, but I wouldn’t call it the finest or most authentic spot in town.

For example, here’s my plate of carbs and cheese.

A couple months ago we saw Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine Show having dinner at Las Maracas, but then moments later we watched a guy a few tables over barf into his booth seat and TRY TO PRETEND IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

He covered it up with napkins.

We watched.


Yet, we go back.


Liz (re: her margarita): It’s bigger than my head. I can hardly pick it up.


Ann (under the influence of tequila and the unusually warm weather): This is the best day ever. My pet parakeet could fly away, and I wouldn’t even care. Some days you win. Some days you lose…Today’s a win.


Jeff, holding up a fortune that he drew from the stash I keep in my wallet. A poor choice?

“Demonstrate refinement in everything you do.”

Ann (re: Jeff’s attire): You’re wearing sleeves in this weather. I’m impressed.


Ann’s Ideal Margarita: An Experiment

Coconut water
Lime Juice
Soda Water

Combine in quantities according to taste. Serve over ice.

Bluegrass Mariachi!


Anonymous said...

I love this idea! I need to try new places here around town. I always want to but by the time I'm thinking about it, I'm hungry and just want to go somewhere I know. This Mexican place sounds fantastic! Where is it in East Nashville? I'm relatively new to the area and am looking for some good eats. And hell, anywhere that has a margarita like that...I'm there. Mmm...

LG said...

I am enjoying this whole blog series! Great work!