Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Plane talk

I say it always pays to request a vegetarian meal on flights. Here's my dinner from a flight to London. I love how it says Pure Veg on the wrapper.

Granted, I'm not entirely sure what kind of veg...but I'd rather eat mystery jicama (?) than mystery meat.

Right now, I’m on a plane bound for Boston (no meals, just nuts). I can’t wait to eat at Neptune Oyster, my favorite restaurant when I lived there, and then Hungry Mother, a newer spot in Cambridge with Southern American and French influence. Update coming soon (along with my Texas-inspired adventure in mole-making over Memorial Day weekend).


Things I learned from a man on his cell phone while waiting for the plane to leave for Atlanta:

1. He loves his girlfriend. Or at least he tells her that he does (a lot), even though he phones her when he’s “bored."

2. He’s about to have a birthday! But his girlfriend needs to cancel the plans for the big party. That’s when he’ll be in Japan. His friends just get together and argue anyway. Bummer.

3. He likes to refer to planes parked on the tarmac as tuna cans.

4. He usually avoids the Atlanta airport “like the plague,” but, “you can’t avoid the Atlanta airport when you’re flying TO the Atlanta airport. HAHHAHAHHAAA!!”

5. The girlfriend has a son named Benjamin. She’s totally stressed out. She’s studying for a test that will qualify her to sell beer at Titans games. She’s got lots of reasons why she might not pass, b/c the cell phone guy stays quiet while listening to her. Then he says, ”Would you let Benjamin by on those excuses?” 


Jennifer said...

I haven't ordered a veg meal on a plane yet. Yours looked interesting for sure. I wouldn't expect them to serve jicama! =)

-Hello Veggie

angie said...

You have to take a test to sell beer at a titan's game?? WHO KNEW. awesome. i like my beer sellers to be ejumacated.