Sunday, September 21, 2008

In baseball, they call it "in a pickle"

Browsing among baskets of cucumbers and bunches of basil at the East Nashville Farmers' Market, a boy in a Texas Rangers jersey -- who looks to be about 6 years old -- strikes up a conversation with his father. 

Boy: Dad, why do we like baseball?

Dad: Well...we just enjoy the sport and the competition.

(long pause)

Boy: Dad, do you think Barry Bonds took steroids?

Charlie from Delvin Farms handing out CSA boxes.

A little bluegrass with your produce? (They were covering Old Crow Medicine Show, but if you go to the link, listen to Hesitation Blues. It's as raw as that eggplant.)

Peppers from Delvin Farms.

Find a recipe for pickled peppers here.

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LG said...

Hey I work at the Turnip Truck and our Farmers Market is AWESOME! great post