Monday, August 11, 2008

Hometowns and honky tonks

Hey, look! It's a honky tonk in Buenos Aires. We have lots of those in Nashville. 

Turns out this was a shoe store, but still, I felt right at home. 

Speaking of hometowns, we overhead an American couple chatting up an American man in the hotel restaurant over breakfast with lots of fake cocktail-party-laughter...and this...

Poseur #1 (to single guy): Where you from? 

Poseur #2: New York. Where are you guys from? 

Poseur #1: Jersey, but we tell people New York. HAHAhahahah....

Poseur #2: HAhaha...Oh yeah? I'm actually from Jersey too!...HAHAhahahahahha

We were kinda hoping they'd ask us where we were from. We were gonna say..."Oh, we're from Nashville...but we usually say New York...HAHAHHahahaha."

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